Nowadays, having your own Bar at home is a common thing, especially in Europe or other western countries.

Talking about it, usually the market offer you build in bar area, with the table on it. Don’t you fee bored with that?

Bar is a place that serving beverages while people gather and talk in there. The main point of view is in Bar Table.
It determines the overall looks of your bar area.

Industrial Looks for a Masculine Feels

Bar is a place for mature people, choosing Samudra Bar Table with it’s industrial looks will give a masculine feels in your bar area.
The iron color instantly give both strong and bold character in your living area.

A Refreshing Fancy Colors

For this refreshing area, something with colors will be a nice accent. But don’t make it to much or it will be looks like kids play ground.
Try to combine it with something neutral to ground the colors party, just like the wood color in Samudra Bar table.

Even though it has some colors, a bar table should have a mature feel on it. As we mention above, its not a place for kids.

So our suggestion, if you want to decorate your bar area in an easy way, just choose our Samudra Bar Table, it’s a complete package with the whole looks. Keep the iron colors to make it more masculine, put some shade or even neutral colors on the iron to make it more fancy..