Retro – a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin meaning “backward”

Retro Collection – a colletion inspired by old fashioned furniture style

Bring back the memories

This Retro Collection eventually a sibling from sixties collection as they both were inspired by 1950-1960’s style. The main idea is to present the feels of old fashioned interior style, just like in your grandmother’s house.

Eliminate The Unnecessary

Back again on those fascinating era, circle was speak louder then others, that’s way polkadot got it’s name. Circle is unity, no stop point. Simply remove the angles when curve was the celebrity of those time.

A little warning when you date geometric concept, it can drives you crazy with their unlimitted possibility. Stick to your plan, and our plan was Retro Collection

Every geometric shapes has 1 common conditions, they all simetric. Forget about Mondrian when it led to Vitruvius.


The art of resistless

Do you know that people are tend to accept somethings that they already know? Those days, the trends were dominated with curvy looks like circle, or any geometric shape. As they were the basic foundation of any creation, so it was a good point to start.

Meet Retro Collection

It’s easy to recognize retro, they all have 1 unity of iron frame. Yep, the iron frame is no angles, all is 1 unitity, no stop point. And also, all of them are in symetric design.

Retro collection, a group of fascinating mid century furniture with KLEO style.