You talk, we listen. Kleo slides on the trends with…

Ocean and Newport collections.


Why Newport? Why now?


Having the vision is important, so is getting trends awareness:

    Trends move fast. Cycles being what they are, Kleo keeps an eye widely open on what you want while the other one is busy with the avant-garde vision (like our Influence collection, showing the path for tomorrow).

Elegance and style are the words you should keep in mind when your interiors starve for being dressed. Newport is all about that.


Turning a 3 into a 2: Kleo magic:

Whether you prefer breaking the pace of the 3 doors 3 drawers with a 2 doors component or not, Kleo makes it possible. Wood is a lovely lively element warming up the composition while metal frames the whole and gives contrast. Could it be more fashionable?


Newport Collection

Newport Collection




Why Ocean? Why now?


Surf on the slide:

    While Newport hugely dresses your rooms, Ocean knows how to remain discreet offering you sliding doors. It definitely suits a TV dresser, but can also help you diversifying your interior style choice with the 2 sliding doors buffet.


Patterns on the front:

    Do not be fooled by the Ocean collection quietness: even with its clever space saving abilities, its colors will speak out loud the Kleo modishness with our famous recycled boat wood looking at you from the front.

The horizontal orientation of the doors heart opposing the frame reminds the contrast that you can find in wood and metal, just the Kleo way.


Ocean Collection

Ocean Collection





Kleo and you: giving a second chance to boat wrecks, is it worth it?

    At Kleo, we do think that giving ruined boats a second life that we daily create out of wrecks for dressing your interiors, inspiring you and reminding you to dream everyday, does make sense.

Should furniture help us dreaming? What do you think?