Kleo Interior

From Ocean to Home

Wednesday, 13th February 19

KLEO is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, since 2006. Our modern interior design products are made with ingredients of French design and Javanese craftsmanship merged with recycled boat wood and iron. KLEO furniture is using sustainable processes and low maintenance materials.

From Ocean To Home

All our furniture is created from recycled boat wood. KLEO is known among fisher folks along the northern coast of Java because of our generous offers to buy boat wrecks that otherwise would litter the coastline and go to waste.

The boats have served coastal communities well for 40-50 years. The wood is worn and dirty and smeared in thick layers of old paint. But, miraculously, this is where the beauty of our products begins. By sanding  the surfaces, the wood is given new life, and paint turns into colorful marbled patterns and mosaics.

"It is the patterns, dents, scars and natural lines that tell the story of our products’ journey from ocean to homes, which makes every individual KLEO piece unique"

Sustainability KLEO Products

The mix with iron highlights the artistic beauty of the recycled boat wood. All our wood is SVLK certified to meet global market demands. We use only recycled wood.

KLEO use Power Coating for iron. This gives endless color options, a softer texture and improved rust and scratch protection. The process is certified as more environmentally friendly; there is little product waste; and, the large amount of water required is reused.