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Samudra, The Crazy Market’s Most Wanted items

Wednesday, 13th February 19

Do you ever heard the word ‘Samudra’? Well, based on wikipedia, Samudra is a Sanskrit term for "seven seas = ocean", literally "gathering together of waters" (saṃ- meaning "together" and -udra meaning "water". Then the dictionary meaning of samudra is ‘confluence’ and ‘ocean/sea.
Another question, Do you know KLEO also has collection name Samudra? Yup, Samudra is KLEO first and oldest Collections, it was since 2009. However until now it is one of KLEO best seller, people still loves it. So then eventually, we decide to tell you the life of our Samudra.


The Wooden Patchwork

One of the identity of Samudra Collection is using mosaic wood, but do you know why we put mosaic wood on it? We still remember, the day when the first truck of wood arrived in KLEO workshop at 12 pm, the woods were so dirty, smelly, and covered with mud, they were too ugly even to get burned. That moment we were so desperate, lost the only money and didn’t know what to do with all this ugly and smelly woods, it felt like you lost your only hope in life.
But you will not get something beautiful instantly, you have to sweat for it. So, we moved on and started to look for the solution. At the beginning we were using smalls boat, so it was too small to made a regular plank, but they all that we had. So, we cleaned it, and cut it into small pieces of plank, then next we put it together just like a patchwork. When it was done, it was as beautiful as mosaic art, yes it is. We combined it with iron to make our first boat wood furniture, then we named it as Samudra Collection, a collection from all the sea, just like the mosaic that bring all the boat woods together.

An Industrial Hippie

Talking about our legend, it was a kickstarter for all of these. Samudra Collection was KLEO first design with boat wood and iron combination, that combination instantly gives ours furniture a nice Industrial look. And you know what, it also the first Industrial style furniture in the world on that era. Back then, most of the furnitures were just ordinary square shaped furnitures that using only one material, no particular combination. Samudra Collection was an industrial hippie and trendsetter for interior design in 3th millenium era. Another good news is, Samudra also became a reference for industrial style of furniture.


The Crazy Market

Can you imagine when you launch something good that nobody has it? Yes, it will be a bom, everybody want to have it and for sure they go crazy. These was happen to Samudra Collection, everybody wanted it. We were flooded with the orders, we sent Samudra in many containers to many Countries. First, we just made coffee table for this collection, the market really liked it, there were no industrial coffee table on that time, only KLEO has it. So if you wanted it, you should bought from KLEO. Then we developed high dresser, TV dresser, and so on. When we launched the new products from Samudra, the market reactions were the same, they liked it even more. The market were totally crazy, some bought it, and the others made duplicates of our Samudra, but for sure they all liked it. This is one of the risk when you have something good and the world loves it, they will follow and refer on you. Well then, as we mention above, until now Samudra Collection still one of our primadona, it never goes down even we launch another new collections.


How to recognizing?

For some people is hard to memorize the name along with the character of KLEO Collections, so here a formula to recognizing our Samudra Collection: it has stencil scripts, it used mosaic wood, and for sure using iron frame.