Kleo Interior

Dream Create Live

Wednesday, 13th February 19

If you noticed, we often mention about DREAM – CREATE - LIFE in our media. Maybe some of you already now the meaning as we put it on our Company profile too. But let’ us explain it again..

Dream –Create – Life is KLEO tagline, those 3 words represent all about KLEO from the start point until the finish line. Let’st start with Dream,



KLEO turns boat wrecks into beautiful interior design. The creative process starts with a vision of change and transformation. The secret is to allow ourselves to dream.

All KLEO wood products came from abondent boat wrecks in tegal, Indonesia. We took the wood, poured it with our dream and idea before creating the products.



The need to create is the driving force behind KLEO. We see the potential for art and beauty in everything. Our designers are given the creative freedom to have fun with ideas, while our craftspeople turn concepts into reality.

The create process is start from boat dismantle process, and continue to furniture making process. We create our dream into real life living.



Ultimately, KLEO offers products for real life. A life truly lived has highs and lows, ends and new beginnings. This is the inspiration behind KLEO’s soulful interior designs for people’s life journeys.

KLEO products are distributed across countries. People from every countries are able to feel KLEO in their life. It always been our honour to be part of your life.