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No Plastic For Kids

Friday, 10th May 19


a Javanese idiom that express a concern toward river dilapidation due to plastic waste pollution. It’s a major cause of flooding, especially during the raining season.


A book about the story of KLEO Furniture and an Introduction about Indonesia Maritime's Culture. It will be a nice gift to share with your customers who buy KLEO. It tells the origin of KLEO piece.

We realize recovering wood from boat wreck, to ensure less trees from being cut, is not enough to preserve environment, so we decided to launch a campaign by publishing a book.

This book is one of KLEO's actions to contributes, on our own scale, to saving the planet.

"1 Book 1 Bag to Give to Stop Plastik"

A campaign to encourage people to use a sustainable shopping bag and to stop the insane use of plastic bags.

These reusable bags will be distributed for free in Bantul district of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where most of our employees live.

As a kick starter for this first year, our goal is 3000 sustainable shopping bags.

Book Price: 3.5 USD / 3 €

with minimum purchase 50 books

KLEO supports all printing cost and your purchase of a book contributes to the sustainable shopping bag production cost. The shopping bag is made from jute, and produce by Local People.

We will make reports of our actions in all our social media, so you can be sure that your purchase wont be a waste.