Aru Collections is reborn from influence Collections, the Winner of Best Furniture Product at IFEX 2017. The products name are isnpired by the stories come from Aru Islands. It located in the Arafura Sea, easternmost islands group of the Moluccas Province


A Treasured Memories

Aru Collections represents the beauty of Aru Islands. The natural boat wood colors illustrates the  breezy wave drags the glittering sand under the corals on a sunny day, whilst the exquisite bending iron frame diffused in a dinamic feels of the ocean wave, an alluring view of Aru Island.


The Ocean Rhytm

This Island is famous with it’s georgeus pearl which inspired KLEO to value iron perforate as part of Aru’s design. Just like a chained pearl inside a rolling wave. The divers dive into the ocean depth just like the rhytm of rolling waves, goes up and down beneath the ocean surface.


A Colored Reminder

Paradise birds, a small bird with lovely colors is the native animal of Aru Islands. It’s fascinating colors evocative us to keep the boat wood colors on Aru Collections. Nowadays only few of them survive, they are on the red line of extinction. An implied reminder lies on the marbled colors of Aru Collection.


How to Recognize

The identity of  Aru Collections are the bended perforate plate, just like the curve shape of wave. So please keep in mind that everytime you find a bended iron plate in a furniture, it is Aru Collections from KLEO.


In close, every colors and details of Aru Collections bonded with the live of Aru Islands, a living design with treasured memories.