When we talk about Europe design or Europe furniture, people usually will imagine something clean, modern, and delicate designs.

Those sophisticated and expensive things are too mainstream, how about we offer you something exotic with modern touch?


Deal with The Exotic

As we all know, KLEO trademarks is our Boat wood. We keep the colors of the wood as the enchanting part of our products. Our wood is too exotic, so when you use to much wood it will give you the ethnic looks. If you just simply combine it with iron, it will give you the bold and strong industrial looks, just like our old products.

In this lately years, we simplify our products, to make it more clean and nice. We use curve shape to make it more modern.

Our boat wood colors are exotic yet colorful, In Europe, people tend to choose shade color. We have to use the wood wisely, so it won’t look too much.

New Looks New Colors

KLEO color is like an iron color, it gives strong industrial feels. Than for Europe furniture tend to use shade colors which more modern and mature.

So, to make KLEO products more modern and sophisticated, why not we try to coloring the products with powder coating finish?


In close, say hello to Europe Furniture with modern, nice, and sophisticated looks. But still, we owned that exotic and industrial looks that left behind.