Edito Collection is Samudra’s twin brother, whilst they are may look alike, but not really the same.
Edito collection specifically using boat wood planks thus giving bold and masculine character.

Not Just Another Collection

When creating similar collection with only choice of wood as differentiation, many would raise their eyebrows and asked, “Does it matter? Is it worth it?”
The answer may resides on how you perceive the collections themshelves.

But for us, we can’t stressed enough to point out how we value the boat wrecks wood. When we talked about mosaic wood (which is used in Samudra Collection), it’s a massive wood collage that manually handcrafted from many Indonesian boat wrecks. It tickles our senses with a playful touch of such an exotic woods.

On the other side, full solid wood (which is used in Edito collection), contains a distinct quality of another story from the sea. The wood itself could only be extracted from biggest boat wrecks. Every holes and scratch engraved onto the woods, carry the untold story of every oceanic journey the boat has experienced.

The Wood Brother

You might ever heard the phrase “Twin share almost everything on their life”. Well, we could say that as Samudra’s twins, Edito Collection shares the same amount of popularity with his older brother.
Even now we’ve become the witness that slow and steadily Editos’s demand outgrows Samudra.


The Upbeat Masculinity

The usage of solid wood planks, made Edito feels heavier than the forerunner. But in exchange, it trades the clean edge looks that struck us with uniquely different impression. It is simple, modern, strong. It radiates out the bold and masculine quality of a furniture piece.

To balancing the toughness, Edito Collection comes with clean cursive scripts on the iron as the accent. In turns, iron colors pop out the industrial feel, whilst wood color grounds the masculinity.

In the end, Edito Collection might be the answer for the industrial furniture composition that you have in mind. But every time it fills the void of your arrangements, remembers that whatever the collections, every piece of KLEO boat wood carry the magnificent story of journeys and adventures that leads them directly into you.