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Epicurean Collection, The Happy Squad and Their Market

Tuesday, 12th February 19

Hello, it’s Tuesday again, and today we have a bunch of collection for you. As you know, we merged some of our collections into one, and named it Epicurean Collection. But before we go deeper, do you know what is epicurean? Epicurean is about contribute to the pleasure,

loving or fond of delicate things. Delicate things in here refer to something good that reached with passion. Well, we will not talk a lot about that philosophy, because it is not our capacity.

In short, we named them Epicurean Collection because all these products are embodiment of our passion. We represent it in delicate, clean, and high quality products.


Say Hello to the Happy Squad

Here are the collections in Epicurean, we have Ibiza, Sun, Interior, Bistro, Impact, Lounge, Halls, Up, Channel, and Canape. All of these collection are so playful yet simple.

Maybe it’s better if we mention them one by one. Well then, here they are;


Pack to Ibiza

Ibiza is surrounded by single iron frame, and the body itself is made from boat wood. Just like Ibiza, our Ibiza is also everyone favorites.


As Dazzling as Sun

Do you looking for a simple catchy industrial console? Sun Collection will be a great choice. The square shaped body that made from our exotic boat wood is matched nicely with the iron frame.


An Accent for Your Interior

If you looking for small interior stuff, Interior Collection is the answer. It works well as interior accent in every style of living space.


Dine in Bistro

Bistro Collection is a collection of dining tables that inspired by Parisien Cafe. We put the classic french style table into the leg of our Bistro Table. It combines nicely with our boat wood. Bistro Collection is a group of fancy industrial dining tables


A Buffet with Big Impact

Why do we put iron net on Impact Buffet? Does anybody know the answer? Well, It is to keep some of your wines. So if you are relaxing on your favorite room, it easy to grab a glass of wine.


Space for Virgule

Virgule's iron is special than others, why? Because it uses cast iron with our special design.


Halls for Your Hall

According to you, what makes Halls Collection beautiful? In our side, the X leg. The leg was a complementary shape to the square body that makes it bold. In other case, it also highlighted the beautiful boat wood.


The Extraordinary Up Bookshelf

Up is KLEO’s partner favorites bookshelf. It has inclined surfaces, so it will offer you another perspective for shelving books.


Stay Tune on Your Channel

Channel is an Iconic TV Dresser with knock-down system. It has racks to put your favorite stuff. It slim design is adaptable for any interior style.


Never Get Bored with Fabric

KLEO has some extra items to complete Epicurean Collection. These items are using fabric as the main material. Fabric and iron are the trademark of these fabric items. All the pattern that being used are custom, so if you have a special request of pattern, we can make it for you.

Dance with The Passion

As you know, Epicurean Collection is a group of many collections (old and new). Talking about the response It got, would be a little difficult. Why? Well, because each of them has It’s own fans. In fact, this is what we expected from Epicurean Collection. We purposely made Epicurean Collection so we could learn more about market’s taste. Which items from Epicurean are mostly ordered, what kind of style, and how it looks? We want to know more about those details, and we’ll tell you, we’ve got the result.

Ibiza is still Epicurean’s Star, everyone loves Ibiza. Along with Ibiza, we have the extraordinary Up and a bunch of motives request in fabric items. And don’t forget Bistro. Yup, they never get tired of Bistro.

Even though the rest of them are not as famous as the other. It doesn’t mean they are bad, because KLEO always makes high quality product with innovative design, just as we said, they have their own fans. In close, Epicurean Collection is the way we dance with our passion. Well then KLEO is on the move, so prepare yourself. See you next Tuesday.