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Nordic, Industrial Furniture with Scandinavian Soul

Wednesday, 22nd May 19

As you know, Tuesday is time for KLEO Story, let’s go to North Europe for today. Yup, it is time to give a shot to Nordic Collection. It was in 2014 we launched Nordic Collection. Inspired by the Northern Europe’s furniture style, we started to developed “the style” in KLEO’s way.

The Northern Industrial

Just like we mentioned, Nordic Collection was inspired by Scandinavian Style in Northern Europe Countries. It represent minimalist fungtional design in modern look. Scandinavian furniture usualy made with wood, but we modified it in KLEO style. Eventhought we were inspired by their look, it wouldn’t be KLEO’s Originality if just followed them.

To make it simple and fungtional, we keep the basic rectangle shape and the iconic skandinavian leg. We change the body with full iron plate. For front part, we combined iron plate, iron frame, and our exotic boat wood plank. The result was awesome, KLEO scandinavian furniture in industrial style. The Iron grounded the colorful woods and gave simple and modern industrial looks. We named it Nordic Collection, collection from North

Greetings for The North

Then is about nordic market’s reaction. Nordic is the first Industrial Scandinavian Furniture, so for sure the market loved it. Why it seems so arrogant if we talked about market? But as you know, we don’t mean too, because the truth was said so. Evenhought it is not as famous as Samudra, but Nordic is an unique and iconic colletion that could grab it own international market. Nordic is also one of KLEO’s favotites collection based on the market demand.

How to Recognize

If you already know about scandinavian style, than it will be easy for you to recognize Nordic Colletion. But, if you dont’t know yet, it’s not a problem, we will give you the clues.

The body is using Iron plate, and front part is using boat wood plank

The shape is in simple rectangle shape

Then it has 4 iconic skandinavian legs. Well, you know the slim leg, the one that looks like an upside-down cone.

And now you know our Nordic Collection, then see you on next Tuesday with another KLEO Story. As always, KLEO is on the move, so prepare yourself.