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Kleo Dining, The Wasted Oil Barrels and Its Simplicity

Friday, 10th May 19

Before we start everything, we should warn you that next week we will not talk about our collections. We stop for a while to avoid your bored, don’t worry we still tell you our story, surely you will like it.

So let’s count, how many collections we already told you the story? Today we have the popular KLEO Dining. So if we’re not wrong, this will be 7th collections.

Meet The Industrial Dandy

KLEO Dining’s first item was KLEO Chair that made from abandoned waste oil barrels (some called it drum). People usually turn it into furniture by keeping the shape of a barrel tube. They just cut it half, put some legs, added cushion, then used it as a couch. But KLEO, we want something different and extraordinary. So instead of kept the shape, we cut and straightened it. Theese straightened oil  barrels became new materials that could be used for any furniture design.

The first trial, we used it to make a chair, combinied it with iron pipe as a final touch. These unexpected materials gave a nice industrial looks in a simple and clean chair design. We got the materials, we have the nice chair, and the design, but that was not enough. We developed more items in the same design that using boat wood and iron perforate. If The barrels are industrial look, this fantastic couple offer a dandy fanciful chair. 

KLEO always keep the good quality of each items. Just so you know, All of these KLEO Dining’s chairs had passed the Domestic Seating Test, that means their constructions are save to use, and by the way we have the licences.

Hello Mr. Popular

Some people also called this KLEO Dining collection as KLEO Chair. Actually wathever they called it, one thing that sure is they all like it. As their request, we used this collection in many interior project, cafe, hotel, etc. But it’s not only that, almost every containers that we sent every week were included with KLEO Dining collection. It’s always been a crazy time for us, but it’s a crazy that we enjoyed.

The Indescribable One

It’s kind of hard to describe the looks of KLEO Dining in sentences. We value simple design of KLEO Dining, they fulfills the essentials function but none of the things that don’t. Just like famous quote from Leonardo Da Vinci; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

People usually gives moral lesson at the clossing part. For today’s moral lesson is: to make a beuatiful product doesn’t need a lot of accesories, just keep it simple they way it is. Well then see you next week.