Kleo Interior

Aru and Furniture Design Revolution

Friday, 10th May 19

The Design Revolution

Aru is one of KLEO’s 2018 collection and part of our Influence Collection. Instead of directly implemented the famous geometric shapes, Aru merged organic and geometric concept. In turns, it rise with unique and unusual curved square design.

The curved shape balancing the rigidity of boat wood and iron. As well the holes pattern of the bended perforate gives nice and modern accent to this furniture piece.

This special design strikes up “the ethic code” of coffee table, made Aru become a revolutioner of furniture design.

Market Influencer

Do you ever heard a saying “When a revolution begin, it influence the whole society”?

Aru is the first furniture with unique shape and concept, in exchange it made Aru different than it’s existings. Aru is a trendsetter of coffee table which influence today’s and future market trend.

Nowadays Aru is one of KLEO bestseller, we sent lot of containers of this influencing coffee table to many countries. Nevertheless, we still have orders queue of it. We could say that, it’s futuristic concept and design captivate the heart of the market.

In the end, Aru might be the answer for the timeless furniture composition that you have in mind. But every time it fills the void of your arrangements, remembers that whatever the collections, every piece of KLEO boat wood carry the magnificent story of journeys and adventures that leads them directly into you.